Temporary Office Jobs – Top Ways to Impress Your Boss

We all want to stay on our boss’s good side. Staying in their good graces is a nice place to be. If you aren’t, it could create tension and effect your work. Even if you’re a temporary worker or intern, and you don’t cross paths with your manager often, here are some top ways to impress your boss.

Be resourceful. Try to figure out a solution before you run to your supervisor with every question or setback. If you have to go to them with an issue, think of possible solutions to run by them. Think it through before you ask.

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Listen. Actively listen to what your boss says. Many employers want to tune out everything their boss says. Don’t. Lean in and nod to let them know you’re paying attention. Show you’re listening, regardless of the topic.

Smile. We often forget to smile. It’s so simple and natural. And if you’re new, your manager can be especially intimidating. Smile at her, and do it often. It shows you’re happy to see her.

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Provide solutions, not problems. Supervisors have a lot on their plates – most of which are problems. They have to deal with them every day. Stand out by thinking through a solution to a work-related problem, or a way to improve a process. Tell them when the opportunity arises. They’ll appreciate it.

What are your tips for impressing your boss?

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