Work-Life Balance – 4 Best Ways to Juggle Work and Life

It’s an illusion to think you can get everything done if you keep going. In reality, for every 24 hours in a day, there is 30 hours’ worth of tasks. There’s no way to get above water thinking this way. Here are the 4 best ways to juggle work and life.

Don’t bring work home. If possible, take a vacation from email. Have a separate work phone, and put it away on your days off. Work when you need to, and relax when it’s time to relax. Leave work behind at the office.

Work Life Balance
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Decide what’s important. Because there are so many things we need to do, you need to determine what’s crucial in your life. Does that mean you don’t work on weekends? Does that mean you work four 10-hour days? It may not be a possibility for every company, but it’s important to know what makes you happy.

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Know what you do well and stick to it. You can’t do everything on your list. There are many things you can delegate to someone else. If you’re a parent, your partner can take the kids to soccer practice if you need to attend a meeting. If you run your own business, have someone else do the accounting.

Having Work LIfe Balance
Work Life Balance

Clarify what’s important at the moment. What needs to get done now? Take care of the most important tasks at the top of the list. Put the least important ones at the bottom. Prioritizing will keep you sane. Focus on doing few things well. We often feel like we have to do a lot more. Skip unimportant tasks. Spend your energy on things that matter.

How do you balance work and life?

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